Cebu, Economically is a Very Strong City

Located in the Central Visayas, is the capital city of Cebu. This is one of the first provincial income class island provinces in Philippines. Cebu is a different cultured city; it is among the oldest cities and is independent from the provincial government. Not only had this, but the Mactan-Cebu International Airport ranked as the second highest busiest airport in Philippine.

The city is highly developed and that is one reason it has become the hub for world trading and business. The city is also the center of commerce, trade, education and industry in the Visayas. For those who wish to travel should know as it is an island, the weather of Cebu is either wet or dry. Most of the year it remains dry and sunny where as from June to December there is rainfall.

Cebu, economically is a very strong city, the city has many beautiful and different types of beaches, many luxurious resorts, diving locations, old and antique heritage sights. Due to this a great number of local and foreign tourist come and visit it, making it a strong tourism economy. Not only this, there are many national and international conferences held in Cebu every year.

Along the tourism, why it holds great importance is that 80% of the local and international shipping operators and shipbuilders also operate there thus functioning as the back bone of the Philippine’s economy. Due to these shipping facilities and the high demand of this location, many big companies from all around the world have opened their offices in the main island.

Cebu is also ranked among the top furniture – making industry and supplies it all over the world. Some of the other famous exports of Cebu include; fashion accessories, guitars, coconut, coconut oil, dried mangoes, gifts, toys, watches, cameras, electronic components and house wares.

With time the real estate has shown a great positive trend and it has gained the confidence of the investors as the revenue growth is great. Overall, the infrastructure has become better and there is also a lot of work and development going on in the field of information technology.

Among all the other great deals of things happening in Cebu, it has also the subsidiary of one of the leading ice rink manufacturing company in the world. All of the ice rinks are manufactured within Cebu and then further on supplied everywhere around the world.

All in all, Cebu is a total package city, with great and improved educational standards and better infrastructure, this city has great lengths to achieve. Most of the big multi nationals have their setup in Cebu, reflecting how strong the economy is and that investors are willing to input more of investments so the island grows altogether. The island influences the overall economy of Philippine.

Cebu is also an amusing tourist spot, with many fun activities and a place so full of life that many people look up to it as a standard of living. So if you ever get a chance, give this place a shot either for tourism or for living and you won’t regret the decision.